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Standard User SEBUK
(newbie) Wed 07-Apr-21 17:31:27
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Frequent high latency

[link to this post]
Hey all, could you have a look at this graph and give thoughts on what might be causing the high latency? This is on Sky super fast.

For approximately two weeks now, I have been really struggling with online gaming and streaming, with a lot of buffering and seemingly packet loss when I watch stream replays.

I stream from a wired Xbox One S. I tend to stream from about 10pm onwards. My son often has issues playing online games on his nintendo switch with lag, even if he is sitting in the same room. I know wifi can have issues sometimes, but this is seen even when wired.

My setup:
Openreach Master socket 5c with microfilter (I think it's called?) supplied by Sky, plugged into socket. Cable running from Master socket to Sky Q router ( Model ER110 Firmware Version 2.22.2883.R). This cable is approximately 2.5m long. Nothing else plugged in, we don't use landline phone.

Sky Q box and Xbox one S both wired into router. There is a what I think is a Sky Q wireless range extender near our stairs to help signal go upstairs where we have a Sky mini in the one bedroom.

House is a new buld built in 2018. We were with BT for 18 months after moving in, then switched to Sky a year ago. Only FTTC available in our area, and we're apparently on our max connection speed we'll ever get of 29999 Kbps. I felt, even though using the same infrastructure, Sky was getting a better connection speed than BT, who were giving us about 25000 Kbps.

Frequent high latency pings seems to be causing a lot of buffering when gaming. Also during these latency periods, doing a speedtest on would tell me my download speed is about 2Mbps. Non high latency periods would give me about 20Mbps through wifi.

I started monitoring the line yesterday at about 15:30, with thinkbroadband, and here is the shared link for the live graph:

My Broadband Ping

The constant high rates are making video conf calls near impossible, can’t stream games properly, can’t play online games properly. Xbox One is wired into router.
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