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Standard User lockyatlrg
(fountain of knowledge) Wed 14-Sep-11 18:02:58
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BT Infinity mega slow tonight.

[link to this post]
getting sub 10mbs on a 38717 profile, nice one BT.

BT Infinity
Sync 40000D 10000U
Standard User MHC
(legend) Wed 14-Sep-11 18:22:07
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Re: BT Infinity mega slow tonight.

[re: lockyatlrg] [link to this post]
More likely to be you ... or a localised failure.

I have just looked at 5 different connections - 4 are running around 36Mbps with 38717 profiles and the fifth with a 33980 profile is at 31800. All are at their normal speeds.



taurus excreta cerebrum vincit
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