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Standard User tthom
(newbie) Thu 12-Apr-12 13:23:15
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From sky to BT infinity

[link to this post]

I'm currently going from sky LLU + sky talk... And starting to have problems

1. Not a problem a question as such.. I currently am getting free install but will I have to pay extra due to bt taking the line back from sky

2. I have a crossed line with someone is this normal during the migration process and I'm now passed my activation date and no engineer showed.. Then I called BT yesterday and they said work was carried out in the exchange and an engineer will be out tomorrow to check the line ect but this isn't showing on bt order tracker

Also they said another appointment will be needed for bt to do the nessasary work at my home to recive fiber now would it not make sence for that engineer to do the work?
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