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Standard User 23Prince
(fountain of knowledge) Sun 03-Dec-17 10:28:30
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Re: Price increase again

[re: Roksan] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by Roksan:
As I'm pushing 60 for a large part of my life I've used a landline though had a decent mobile for the past few years esp the last two. I recently moved to an ISP that doesnít do a call package to mobiles & a charges a fiver a month to other land lines, we used to pay extra for landlines & mobile minutes - We decided (which was a big change to me) to try out not to pay for any call package & just use our mobiles, though me & my wife both found it a bit odd but we stuck to the plan. (My 17 year old daughter I donít think has ever used the landline)

The result is well after month is both me & my wife still have many unused mobile minutes. We also have the option of using WhatsApp & Facetime with friends. Landline phones are still there for emergences & of course people can still phone us - We are fortunate to get a good signal on all mobile providers. Good day landlines costs Ė Why we didnít think of doing this before I donít know, I suppose itís what you get used to?

It is - and when FTTP comes out they know everyone will drop a landline like a hot potato - those days are over
Standard User trolleybus
(experienced) Sun 03-Dec-17 12:26:01
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Re: Price increase again

[re: mpellatt] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by mpellatt:
So you say that poor voice quality when using VoIP over a slow connection can be fixed by bonding 2 or more lines, whilst admitting that is "not a cheap option".

After accusing me of being the one who "fails to grasp what is being said" when I point out that landline phone providers haven't priced themselves out of the market in areas of non-existent phone coverage and slow broadband speeds ?

Seems to me it's you who doesn't grasp the issue in deeply rural areas.

My business is located in your definition of a "deeply rural area" and it is very frustrating to have a non-existent broadband connection and surcharged f£3.50 a month or being in a Market 1 area. My choice of ISP was also limited. Make a call on said landline and you have the 'privilege' of being charged for a setup fee and extortionate call charges. That doesn't site nicely with your statement that "phone providers haven't priced themselves out of the market"; IMHO they have, so its not surprising many turn to using their mobiles instead.

However I have no mobile coverage,so being a Vodafone customer.I have installed a Sure Signal Device and a full signal is available to my mobile devices. Free voice calls become the norm for me.

Now the broadband side of things, I also have a slow internet connection. With a deep enough pocket I could run with various different FTTP options that are available but instead opted for bonding two internet lines which is more reasonably priced at just under £100 a month.

So in deepest West Sussex I have a reasonable mobile phone signal and an acceptable broadband connection whereas before investing in additional hardware and higher rental charges, neither was present..

I also have a hosted VoIP service with good sound quality provided data traffic is at a trickle.

Would you please elaborate on why you think I have not got a grasp on the issues in deeply rural areas? I'm in one and got the problem sorted.
Standard User ploddo
(regular) Mon 04-Dec-17 10:20:00
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Re: Price increase again

[re: RobertoS] [link to this post]
I used to pay BT £8.50 for unlimited/anytime calls. Same calls cost around £3 with my new provider. In fact I had a call to Australia last week, I was on the phone for 55 minutes, cost me £1.26 plus vat!

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