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Standard User bobrey
(learned) Thu 30-Jan-20 11:05:17
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Why is whenever I speak to a BT help line I end up with yet another set of powerline adapters? I now have 3 sets plus one set in use!
BT TV does not go well unless it is via LAN cable otherwise live sports simply freeze and restart during live games. Sadly Sky beckons with their wifi capability
Standard User gomezz
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Fri 31-Jan-20 12:10:00
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In general I agree that powerline adaptors can be iffy for some users and would always advise going the extra mile (or the extra several metres around the house) to run an ethernet cable from router to a switch where the TV set up is.

Not sure if "noisy" electrical circuitry in the house is a cause of interefering with the working of adaptors?

BT Infinity 1 (unlimited)
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