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Standard User DIOGENES
(member) Mon 04-Apr-11 19:52:15
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Netgear Router and ADSL2

[link to this post]
"We previously sent you an email and a letter to advise you that we will be moving your broadband service listed below to new equipment within the local BT exchange.Moves may occur at any time on the date of the planned move, although typically take place during the early hours of the morning. During the move process there will be an interruption of approximately 15 minutes to your telephone service, after which it will continue to operate exactly as before."

Well, that was the theory from my ISP [zen] but in practice my 2003 vintage Netgear DG814 which had given A1 service could not connect to internet after the "improvements" even after the intervention of ISP Tech Support.
That was a nuisance as I needed connection for eBay that evening,
On advice from ISP Tech Support I bought in a hurry a new Netgear DG834UK which appears to work, though the connection seems slower and less reliable than the old router.

Anyone else had similar troubles?

Can the old DG814 be used for anything anywhere or is it just scrap now?

When I set up the DG814 in 2003 it used firmware v4.8 but when I tried in 2004 to update with v4.10 it would not work, and Netgear Support then advised me to stick with v4.8, which worked fine.
I wonder if I should recently have tried again with v4.10 in the hope that it would make the DG814 work with ADSL2+ ?

Any ideas?
Standard User Sandgrounder
(knowledge is power) Tue 05-Apr-11 17:29:34
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Re: Netgear Router and ADSL2

[re: DIOGENES] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by DIOGENES:
Can the old DG814 be used for anything anywhere or is it just scrap now?
It still has a perfectly functional 4 port network switch and DHCP server inside it.

Line One:- Zen - DrayTek Vigor 2600VG
Line Two:- EntaNet - DrayTek Vigor 2600
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