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Standard User meditator
(fountain of knowledge) Mon 02-May-11 17:06:47
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Suitable router for FTTC

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Hopefully, in a week or two's time I'll be moving to FTTC. I've been contemplating buying a new router for it. Does the Billion 7800N still set the standard in this regard?

I currently use a wired Netgear DG834 (I've no real need for wireless, at least not at present). I've been wondering if the 834 can be used (not just fudged) as an FTTC router, as it can handle PPPoE. I really do wonder whether it can handle as much as 40M bps, though.

Normally, for the input of the 834 you use an RJ11 port but maybe I can just plug the VDSL modem into one of the 834's four Ethernet ports? But would the 834 then merely function as a switch and nothing else? Used in that way, should the RJ11 port be left open, or must it be disabled in some way?

Frankly, would I simply be better off spending some further money and getting a router that's been designed with FTTC in mind from Day One?
Standard User orly
(fountain of knowledge) Mon 30-May-11 04:04:33
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Re: Suitable router for FTTC

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DG834- it's an ADSL router so it won't work.

BT Infinity 8th July 2010
600m (approx) to cabinet
25.5mbit down / 7.6mbit up

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