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Standard User bestford
(newbie) Mon 09-May-11 13:48:09
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NEW router DSL-2740R

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i recently bought the DSL-2740R and when setting it up, it worked for about 20 mins and then lost connection. I was running 2 xbox's and this router is to allow me to have open NAT on both consoles as my current standard route that came when i went with talk talk didnt allow me to, and its affecting gaming laugh

Standard User GMAN98
(committed) Mon 09-May-11 14:02:34
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Re: NEW router DSL-2740R

[re: bestford] [link to this post]

What firmware are you using? I have the 2740R and I must admit I've been a bit disappointed with it. I bought it as a knee jerk reaction when my 2640B died, in the end it was just the 2640B PSU so I got another and it works fine now.

Anyway I found the 2740R lacking in a lot of features the 2640B had, but more than anything else I did find that it did drop my connection quite a bit, I'm on a longish line and think it tried to sync too high.

I ended up going back to the 2640B in the end, I've not tried the 2740R for a while now.
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