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Standard User sheepless
(newbie) Sat 06-Aug-11 18:45:07
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Billion 7800N IPv6 firewall

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It seems to me that firmware 1.06d has completely broken the firewalling for IPv6. Does anyone here have incoming IPv6 packet filter rules working?

I do all my real firewalling on my home server, which also acts as router between my public and private networks. So I have packet filter rules on the 7800N to allow everything through incoming.

For IPv4, this works fine. For IPv6, it used to work with the 1.06c.dc1 beta firmware. But with the 1.06d firmware, although I can add IPv6 rules in the packet filter screen, they don't appear to do anything, and the incoming IPv6 traffic to my server remains blocked.

If you get a shell on the router, you can use the 'iptables' and 'ip6tables' commands to examine the packet filtering rules, and you'll see your IPv4 rules in the iptables PF_FWD chain. But the analogous ip6tables PF_FWD chain remains empty.

I can get the effect I want by manually adding a rule to the PF_FWD chain via the shell, but it seems the router periodically 'loses' this rule, so I have to keep adding it. It's looking like I'll have to revert to the beta firmware.
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