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Standard User hamido
(newbie) Sun 04-Mar-12 20:18:31
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the OID printer in the router TG585 v7

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I have installed a printer HP deskjet F2400 in my local network at home,I have activated the SNMP service in my router,and I want to test the SNMP protocol in my network for monitoring a printer ,if any one know the OID of the printer in the MIB of the router Thomson Gateway TG585 v7 and thanks for any help
Standard User john2007
(legend) Sun 04-Mar-12 21:30:17
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Re: the OID printer in the router TG585 v7

[re: hamido] [link to this post]
Would a snmpwalk of the router reveal the oid?

e.g. snmpwalk -v1 -cpublic (or whatever your router IP address is).
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