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(Unregistered)Sat 17-Mar-12 10:18:49
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Help / Advice Please

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Hi all,

1, I need some expert advice. I have a Zxytel 660H-D1 ADSL Router. Although the ADSL link speed shows 7 meg, speed tests show only 1.7 meg. I upgraded the firmware and I could get speed tests @ around 6 meg - good so far. I then upgraded the firemware to the leatest and greatest, and I'm back to a link speed of 7 meg with speed tests comming in @ 1.7 meg again. The router will not let me go back to a earlier firmware version! Any ideas???

2, I have a /29 block of static IP's. My current router will not pass through the other IPs to my UTM firewall Astaro ASG 120. I imagine that I should put the Zxytel into Bridged mode and let the ASG 120 establish the PPoA connection, but that does not seenm to work either.
I think the best option would be to dump the very old Zxytel router, and buy a ADSL MODEM (not router) in order to let the ASG 120 handle the rest PPoA negotiation with IP addressing including the addition of my IP range on the external interface.

Any advice appreciated.

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