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Standard User NBK
(experienced) Thu 24-Apr-14 23:33:00
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Billion 7800N issue...

[link to this post]
Basically...on all routers I've previously used, can have a look at the network from the router config screen and see which devices are connected to WiFi and Wired ethernet (IP and MAC address) and also have the ability to give them names so you know what they are.

I've just got a 7800n...and i've been scratching my head looking for the same functionality but I'm guessing it isn't there.

All I can find to see currently connected devices is the ARP table (not the DHCP table as the devices I've connected thus far are static outside the DHCP range)...and those only show when they're actually connected, don't differentiate between WiFi and wired and it doesnt seem to keep a log of what devices have connected with what MAC/IP they were on.

If anybody knows if there's functionality there to view what devices have been connected and possibly give them names to make life easier I'd greatly appreciate knowing where to look...but I pretty much feel it isn't there!

Thanks smile
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