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Standard User mrploddy
(newbie) Sat 14-Jun-14 17:57:56
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Need something to replace Belkin F5D7632 (2006) - help!

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Hi all,

My wife is complaining that her gaming performance to this game she plays can be laggy at times so need to look at getting a new router.

Im on PlusNet with circa 11MB down and 0.5MB up.

Weve got a old Belkin F5D7632 running the Belkin 6.01 firmware from 2006.

Im not that bothered about wireless as Ive got an Airport Express for my Mac but the core thing I need is a good modem / firewall.

Budget - 10 - 30 pounds ? - maybe more if it can be justified.

I know when I worked in PC World a few years ago that these type of routers got a lot of returns but I was short of money at the time so just needed something that worked.

Ive seen Belkin N routers and TP Link and Asus routers knocking around for cheap on eBay but couldnt find decent reviews so was wondering which I should go for.


Standard User Oldjim
(fountain of knowledge) Sat 14-Jun-14 18:37:35
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Re: Need something to replace Belkin F5D7632 (2006) - help!

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you should think about getting your upload uncapped if the upstream sync is about 443kbps not about 1,000kbps which I would have expected
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