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Standard User shaneosborne
(experienced) Thu 26-May-16 14:16:58
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Hardware & Configuration

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Afternoon people.

I am currently with Sky and have the Fibre Unlimited product.

I use the Sky SR102 Hub (Wireless Disabled) to sync with exchange as this offers a better sync rate and overall speeds.

I then have my Billion 7800n to manage my home network connections with a SamKnows TP-Link N600 connected to monitor my line stats.

I'm looking to upgrade my hardware and I would very much appreciate any recommendations on any hardware options and/or upgrades.

The majority of my devices are connected via my TP-Link TL-PA4020PKIT Homeplug/Powerline Adapters, I only use wireless for my mobile devices.

So, any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance.
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