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Standard User larkim
(newbie) Mon 05-Sep-16 12:39:08
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QoS implementation on EE Brightbox 2

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Does anyone have any experience of using the QoS features on the BB2 router?

I've only had this for a week or so on our FTTC setup, but I'm struggling to get QoS to do anything other than interfere with traffic that I'm wanting to prioritise.

We seem to be having issues with video streaming (wired and wireless) in the house causing latency issues with gaming.

I thought it would be simple to either give "Video Games" the highest priority in QoS (and do nothing else) or, failing that, give the gaming PC's MAC id highest priority.

However, irrespective of the settings I try to use whenever QoS is turned on, all connections appear crippled down to about 25% of capacity and latency goes through the roof.

I'm sure it should work - its just that it doesn't!

I've tried various combinations of traffic settings, diffserv groups, etc but nothing is playing ball.

Any pointers?
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