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Standard User Mach2infinity
(newbie) Mon 12-Jun-17 23:19:36
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BT Home Hub 5 Replacement

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Hi all,

Basically I'm looking to replace our BT Home Hub 5 as we've had DNS errors on it since Jan. The issue affects all devices and browsers. The only workaround is to set the preferred and alternative DNS servers to Google in the IPV4. But that's not an acceptable solution and I would rather premium grade kit frankly.

So, I've found the TP Link Archer VR2600 router TP Link Archer VR2600 from the thread Replacing BT "Smart" Hub thread.

It has good reviews on Amazon

Just wondering if it's really good as people say? Or is there a better/more suitable alternative?

Standard User kasg
(knowledge is power) Fri 16-Jun-17 16:34:34
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Re: BT Home Hub 5 Replacement

[re: Mach2infinity] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by Mach2infinity:
It has good reviews on Amazon

That's debatable, lots of poor reviews. Flippin' expensive!


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