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Standard User Banger
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Sun 14-Jun-20 23:43:52
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USB wifi dongles

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I have a cheap wifi dongle on my downstairs desktop and get about 200 mbits file transfer on my Asus AC1200G+. It is a realtek 1200 mbps £12.99 dongle and seems sufficient. Looking at a few reviews online 2 reviews rated the Asus USB-AC56 dongle as the best with speeds of 400 mbits at 9 feet. But even second hand it runs around £30 and new I have seen £60. You can get a decent router for that why so expensive?

Tim & freenetname
Asus RT-AC1200G+ and ZyXEL VMG1312-B10A Bridge on 80/20 Meg Fibre
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Current Sync: 79993/19661

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