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Standard User Mr_Wonderful
(committed) Thu 22-Apr-21 23:55:41
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Old ADSL 2+ router firmware update & request

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Hi everyone,

I have an old router, a Speedtouch 546 v5. I did have 2 of these routers but one got destroyed by a lightning storm some time back.

It is a IPv4 router and not really ideal for the current internet but ATM I am not in a position where I am willing to change this router. I am considering moving ISP so I do not want to buy a new router ATM so what I have ATM is what I have to use. There is no fibre in my area ATM.

It is using the original firmware v5.4.0.11 and it is getting a considerable amount of CRC errors. I have just re-synced it but I believe it had over 700,000 CRC errors in 1 day 20 hours and 57 mins and 35 seconds. I worked that out to be in the region of over 4 CRC errors every second!

With the firmware that was installed in the other 546 which I believe might of been which did limit the DMT tool usage in that the graphs would not refresh if I remember correctly. is meant to be fully functional in DMT tool. I do still have,,, and firmwares for the 546 v5.

Which firmware would be best for me to use? Does anyone still have the firmware or know where I might get it? I have searched for it including on wayback machine but have been unable to find it. frown Someone must have that firmware......

All advice appreciated and access to the missing firmware would be very welcome wink

SKY ADSL 2/2+ Atten: 27dB to 27.5dB up, 49dB to 49.5dB down
Still using SpeedTouch 546v5 and looking for firmware currently stuck with
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