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Standard User StuartUK
(learned) Wed 07-Sep-11 12:14:58
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Fibre Avail - Now not avail ?!

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I've just moved into a new house... (well, house is 8year old)
There is a teleline in the house (guessing it was a stopped line), and did have an assigned circuit num (tele num)
My exchange is:

So, in my previous house (60 miles away), teleline was with PRIMUS, and BroadB was with 'o2'.
Had the BroadB cancelled, but for the phoneline, had this transfered to my new house.
As of about 2 hours ago, the assigned circuit num (tele num) in my new house has changed, so basically, i have a working telephone line (great!), but on a different number than what was assigned..... makes no odds to me smile smile

However, yesterday, and day before, and last week even, when putting in my Postcode and house num for a Fibre Quote from Plusnet / BT , system was telling me i can get 33mb to my address.....

Now today, where my new number has gone live on the existing line, i'm now being told i cannot get Fibre ??

Any ideas ? Possibly down to it being a new number and not yet working its way into the system, etc ? Cant see how prior to this i was told i can get fibre (FTTC) based on my postcode and house number, and now that i have a working teleline, now saying i cant get fibre ??
(Unregistered)Wed 07-Sep-11 12:17:53
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Re: Fibre Avail - Now not avail ?!

[re: StuartUK] [link to this post]
Peerhaps it's because the circuit number was only just assigned from a "pool" of available ones, it may previously have serviced a completely different location, and so the availability database needs to update in line with that.
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