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Standard User sparky76
(member) Thu 19-Jan-12 21:01:20
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Infinity speed drop??????

[link to this post]
Can someone please take a look at my stats taken from my modem..

Connection Status
Mode VDSL2
Traffic type PTM
DSL synchronization status Up
DSL up time 355872

Line Status
Downstream Upstream
Attainable rate (kbit/s) 39452 6760
SNR margin (dB) 6.4 6.3
Line attenuation (dB) 0 0
Output power (dBmV) 12 3.5


Path 0

Path 1
Downstream Upstream Downstream Upstream
Line rate (kbit/s) 33153 6678 0 0
CRC errors 290906 0 0 0
FEC errors 4305 238 0 0
HEC errors 90248 0 0 0

Had Infinity since mid November and when installed was getting around 37Mb. This as you can see has now dropped to around 33Mb.
Is it possible that because the modem was being turned on and off quite often that BT's DLM has taken over thinking that 33Mb is my highest stable rate? (Modem was plugged into extension lead over xmas along with tree lights)
If so will it ever increase to near its attainable rate if left on permanantly?
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