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Standard User Basil1234
(newbie) Sun 12-May-13 11:24:26
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Sky fttc thruput issue problem people should be aware of....

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thought i would put this up its all over skys own forum have a read if anyone is thinking of getting fttc from sky i would hold off or use someone else.

i am amazed that andrew hasn't picked up on this and put it up as a news article and spoken to sky about it because some users have had to put up with this issue for some 10months+ which is not fair.
Also why i personally not upgraded fttc apart from network issue is skys uncompetitive pricing compared to other suppliers such as plusnet and bt even offering better deals this really could also do asking the questions as well as on sky forums as well forum leaders don not know any answers but maybe andrew could get an official answer as skys product are now over a year old with no price changes either on the horizon either i think they have goto pay for o2/be take over somehow with thousands getting stung along the way!

anyway problem is

basically sky have got a thruput issue at exchange level between their equipment and bts equipment they are trying to sort a fix out but this has been ongoing for some 10 plus months ago. anyway the fix they are testing at the moment worked well for some and some people it has turned their speed in half again and its not been sorted fast at all.

I really thought people should be made aware of this issue considering getting fttc from sky some people could be walking into a right mare anyway hope this helps some of you make an informed choice being aware of this issue!


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Standard User Chrysalis
(legend) Sun 12-May-13 15:47:59
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Re: Sky fttc thruput issue problem people should be aware of

[re: Basil1234] [link to this post]
I suggest gathering the core data for andrew here, what exchanges affected, dates etc. As its asking a lot of him to read a 38 page thread.

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