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Standard User kasg
(fountain of knowledge) Wed 18-Sep-13 14:52:44
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DLM now more responsive?

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I wonder whether something has changed. Previously I found that my sync speed/interleaving stayed the same for weeks or months on end before finally deciding to flip. In the last couple of weeks I have flip-flopped between interleaved and fast path 4 times, if you look at my current BQM you will see it happened again just after 4am today. I was wondering whether anyone else has seen this or whether it is something specific to my line.


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Standard User Al1264
(regular) Mon 23-Sep-13 12:50:02
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Re: DLM now more responsive?

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I noticed something similar a few months back but in my case it coincided with a firmware update on my Fritz!Box modem/router so I assumed that was the cause.
Standard User mp90
(newbie) Mon 23-Sep-13 14:47:30
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Re: DLM now more responsive?

[re: Al1264] [link to this post]
My BT Infinity sync took a hammering towards the end of July. For well over a year I had a 80/20 sync and all of a sudden found myself with a 33/16 sync.
Anyway after about 5 weeks of waiting for it to go back up as my attainable rate showed over 100 down and 40 up...I caved and got on to BT who logged a call for an engineer visit at the start of October. However in the space of the last 3 days I've now gradually gone back up the way to a sync of 73 down and 20 up. I don't know wether it's connected to me raising the issue with BT although I didn't think Openreach did anything remotely, or wether it is just an example of a more responsive DLM?

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