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(fountain of knowledge) Sat 22-Mar-14 01:38:08
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FTTRN pilot in Leyburn, North Yorkshire

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The North Yorkshire BDUK project has done another report to the county council - with the particular aim of reporting what it plans to do with the extra "phase 2" funds it has received from BDUK. It also starts the ball rolling on the plans for the tranche-2 cash, which it calls the "SEP" funding, or Superfast Extension Programme.

There is a whole heap of interesting information in the report about their BDUK project including, for example, a budget of £5m for the USC portion, a cap on the number of properties covered by satellite of 3895, and a clawback of £3.5m if takeup reaches 30%.

SFNY Progress Report to NYCC - 18th March

The gist of the report is that SFNY have tentatively agreed to spend the money with BT, but it is subject to BT coming back in September 2014 with more concrete numbers that can be included.

BT have said they can use the extra cash to connect 17,700 properties using fibre-based broadband, and that 11,100 will get 25+Mbps.

However, they also think they can get another 5,000 properties over the SFBB speed threshold using something they call FTTRN: Fibre to the Remote Node. These would appear to be the pole-mounted boxes we saw a long time ago, but have never seen in use. Or something very like them.

This report went to a meeting of the county council executive, and the minutes show some of the additional discussion around the report.

NYCC meeting minutes, 18th March

The main point from these discussions is that FTTRN looks very much like the next step to be used by BT to get fibre access deeper into the rural network.

They mention that BT will run a pilot of FTTRN in Leyburn, North Yorkshire.

It is less clear about *when* the trial will be, but the implication is that BT will run the trial before September, in order to go back to SFNY with answers about the phase 2 coverage.
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