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Standard User paultart
(newbie) Sun 30-Mar-14 18:28:46
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Fibre cabinet location delay

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I hope somebody can help.
My cabinet was due for installation by October 2012, then March 2013, then the end of 2013, then 31st March 2014 and now 1 day away this has changed to December 2014!

Why is this the case?

Please provide an explanation as to why we are still on limbo, despite the actual cabinet having been stored in the Faversham exchange. My cabinet is P24

Very frustrated...
Standard User arfster
(knowledge is power) Mon 31-Mar-14 07:33:23
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Re: Fibre cabinet location delay

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Only BT can tell you why smile

Mine has been four years of those 3 month delays, and the entire area basically had an 18 month gap where they did no work at all, even with about half a dozen installed cabinets standing unused.

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