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Standard User bowdon
(regular) Mon 31-Mar-14 11:03:27
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What type of extention cable?

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I'm looking to order BT Infinity soon. I'm ideally wanting my master socket moved. But from what I can tell from reading forum messages is it seems very hit and miss. From engineers moving the master socket to another location, to running an extention cable from the master socket to the desired location, to the engineer refusing to do anything other than change the face plate and plugging in the modem/router.

So I'm just taking in to consideration all possibilities and though I want to move the master socket, if he's only willing to run a data extention cable then I want it to go down through my wall. I have a route there from when I ran phone extentions upstairs.

So now my question is, what is the most ideal cable to do this? I know it's ethernet, but whats the best type for this purpose?

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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Mon 31-Mar-14 11:20:33
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Re: What type of extention cable?

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If the engineer does it, they will supply the cable, they have a pack with a run of 30m of cable available.

BT Retail tends towards self-install now, so you will only get an engineer if you request one, and may change the install price.

Cat5e solid core cable is the ideal one, and you can get different colours to try and match the décor.

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