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Standard User g3vzv
(newbie) Mon 26-Oct-20 18:38:26
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FTTC Upload speed suddenly halved!

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I have two FTTC lines coming to my is BT and the other Sky. We are about 700 metres from the cab21 on the Woburn Sands exchange.
Since the cabinet was installed about a year ago both lines have produced approx 65 Mbps down and 7 Mbps up.
Suddenly, in the last 48 hours, although the download speeds have not changed, the upload speeds on both lines have dropped to around 3 Mbps.
The line attenuation readings have not changed by more than 1dB since installation. The Sky box shows a US2 attenuation of 54.6 dB but 0 noise margin. The full details are listed below
Connection Speed (Kbps) 58086 2707
Line Attenuation (dB) DS1:17.8 DS2:45.5 DS3:69.5 US0:6.9 US1:36.5 US2:54.6
Noise Margin (dB) DS1:3.1 DS2:3.0 DS3:2.9 US0:6.8 US1:6.5 US2:0.0
so my questions are...what is likely to have caused this to happen and how can I complain and who to and is the US2 attenuation of 54.6dB usually a show stopper now when it wasn't last week?
thanks for any ideas...
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