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Standard User thinkbfan
(newbie) Tue 01-Sep-20 12:34:07
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Re: Extending BTWifi

[re: Oliver341] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by Oliver341:
Set dns on your device to

Thanks Oliver, I did try that, as primary and secondary DNS, but it does not make any difference.

Trace route does not get past the gateway when login or DHCP has expired.
Standard User thinkbfan
(newbie) Tue 01-Sep-20 13:43:41
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Re: Extending BTWifi

[re: kitcat] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by kitcat:
The 192.168. ranges are duplicated Millions of times across the internet as they are the private ranges for every home router ever made.

The ranges are also duplicated across different private networks. Neither are routable to across the internet

BT wifi ( as opposed to FON) appears to have been designed to prevent what you are trying to do by limiting each session to one device for a limited amount of time per session. ( quite impressive design really). It may be that it was be accident and what they were limiting was the number of BTwifi sessions per BTHub to protect the prime customer. In that case you may find you are contending with someone else also piggy backing in the same block of flats.

Yes I am aware of the "private" networks including parts of 172.x.x.x subnets ( –

I have designed some networks that have made use of these in a 100k node intranet, the rules therein were very complex.

You are of course not quite right to say "Neither are routable to across the internet" if you are on the inside you can route OUT and replies can be made and passed through to the originator, rules permitting.

Even though I am to all intents and purposes outside of BT, it is clearly using the 192.168.x.x subnet (defined as class B by subnet mask)

This is my current connection

IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : 01 September 2020 11:55:04
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : 01 September 2020 12:55:03
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :

NetBIOS over Tcpip. . . . . . . . : Enabled

Watching the route to Google DNS servers you can see that the first 4 hops are internal routers within the BTWifi domain, it then traverses onto the internet in Hop 5 but remains in BT's network until Hop9, Google owns the last three hops.

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 24 ms 17 ms 17 ms
2 34 ms 61 ms 22 ms
3 109 ms 29 ms 23 ms
4 29 ms * 29 ms
5 27 ms 19 ms 52 ms
6 30 ms 32 ms 29 ms [
7 23 ms 22 ms 26 ms
8 99 ms 44 ms 157 ms
9 24 ms 32 ms 95 ms [109.159.2
10 32 ms 36 ms 41 ms
11 54 ms 189 ms 31 ms
12 94 ms 33 ms 26 ms []

Trace complete.

I am not impressed by BT's design at all, the whole reason I am using routers is because their signal is too weak and the connection drops all the time, sometimes seconds after I log in.

I have now established from someone in next block that one of the BTrouters is literally behind my living room wall. They have not disabled BTwifi, they would not know where to start.

It is quite happy to create a session, keeping it up seems to be the problem. I gather max of three devices per BT Login concurrently but not tested this, getting one consistent connection seems beyond BT at the moment.

My only goal was to have a reliable service, if you saw the sales pages on BT-Wifi you would think this was a rock solid network, so expectations were high.

Previously I used the service for around 2 months and it was great, I boosted it from a building right across a courtyard and was really surprised when it worked.

I have a several of TPlink routers to experiment with, I pick up a completely different set of BTWifi routers from my bedroom to say the living room. I was prepared to put one router in each room and to define the Mac address to connect to.

Note the issues of the line being dropped are not because I am using a router to boost the signal, there is one place where I can stand by the window and connect to BTwifi and use the BTwifi app which is a useless app. If they had any imagination they could put a facility within the app to identify the strongest signal, restrict weaker signals and even produce a map of signals as I move around the room or property.

A little route planning App called Waze, developed in Israel and bought for $1bn by Google does this geo-locating inside your home for advertising purposes. I spoke to someone in Google when I was in California some years ago and they said they would never have dared to write such an App but by buying it they were removing any controversy.

I think you may be right about the poor performance of BTwifi might be an accident, not per wifi router but perhaps with thresholds set on the BTBroadband subscribers use or by extremely poor use of Java to test for activity.

I really doubt anyone else is using BTWifi around here, I have use software to scan what is about I see the main ISP's routers, their hidden SSID's with consecutive Mac Addresses, a few printers and the odd mobile phone. No 3rd party wifi's except my own.

Currently TPLinks (with their own firmware) will connect to the BTwifi routers but not passthrough the connection, not even the DHCP, I can't use DCHP relay as I might if I were creating a wifi bridge of my own network as the IP address changes for each connection.

Even TPlink devices that are just wireless access points that should passthrough to wired ports to not work.

DD-WRT gets further than TPlink firmware in that I can see a static 100.x.x.x IP within the router, but again it does not route the connection, whether configured in Client mode or Client Bridge mode. There are so many settings in DD-WRT that it would takes months to figure out why and for all I know the connection was immediately dropped by BT (as it is often on Laptop, Ipad or mobile) and just remains in router.

So now I am looking into Open-Wrt which a dream if you are a network engineer looking for granular configuration, but the UI and basic config is not particularly intuitive. What it needs are a few "common tasks" buttons taking you to screens that collect the data and then auto create the configurations allowing the user to then examine and edit them later.

I think BT has really shot itself in the foot with BTwifi, anyone who buys BT Broadband hoping to use it is going to be severely disappointed, especially as this is a product you use only when you REALLY need it, so you are likely to be peeved if it does not deliver.

If you actually pay for the BTWifi as a service at the eye watering prices I think you would be requesting a refund on the basis that it is not fit for purpose.

I have tested all kinds of connections, for example BBC and Commercial radio apps on playback, they are unusable as the connection is dropped about 50 times an hour or worse.

If you use a website like this one you have to write in a notepad, get a connection and quickly post your file.

If you are reading a news webpage you will rarely get to the bottom.

If you use WhatsApp you will more often than not see a clock after your message which tells you that the connection has been lost, you must then

If you use Discord you will lose what you type.

Apple iMessage will lose data if you lose connection and go back to reconnect, to be sure you have to write message in notes and paste it after a connection, if you paste it and a connection is lost you need to immediately re-login then flip back to iMessage and check it has been delivered.

If this is some sort of activity timer BT has failed in design.

I also note that if Javascript is disabled the new BT Login page loads but the the log in button does not work.

Having to log in hundreds of times a day is not a good thing, it makes one experience such contempt for BT.

People have made videos reviewing BTWifi and conclude it is pants.

I am seriously considering making one of my own and leaving as many bad reviews as I can on trustpilot et al.

If BT sold their own BTWifi extender I would buy it if it was under £30 as I know I could always sell it.

Commercially BT have made a huge mistake, their service is mediocre at best, they should be doing all their can to make it work with 3rd party routers seeking to boost their tripe signal to make it usable. Also they have cut the login time to 2 hours (whether you lost connection 100 times or not) this should be set to 4 hours at least. Remember, nobody can use this without a BT login.

One other gripe is their new login page which uses a drop down box(where you select BTWifi, BTBroadband or BTBusiness) , this makes login take even longer, especially on a mobile. It would not matter except when you have to re-login 100 times an hour per device it makes you want to crucify BT.

What they need is a login URL that can be configured with customer type.
Standard User thinkbfan
(newbie) Tue 01-Sep-20 13:59:13
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Re: Extending BTWifi

[re: gc1] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by gc1:
I will pm you my OpenWrt config files - but unless you are going to change from DD-WRT to OpenWrt they probably won't mean much. I did run DD-WRT before changing to OpenWrt and that worked fine for me then to connect to BTwifi but I haven't kept any backup of that DD-WRT config.

I suggest you look at how often your DHCP client address (100.x.x.x etc.) changes. Mine stays constant as long as the router is powered up after the wifi connection is established. After the 3 hours timeout a relogin to the BTwifi gateway is required but the wifi connection was never dropped and the 100.x.x.x address remains the same. If you are getting address changes this suggests it is a wifi link problem.

Traceroute and ping to the DNS servers and .23 also does not work for me, that traffic is blocked. A DNS query (e.g. using the dig program) does work.

I use a shell script to login. I will include this in the pm. It can run on the router or on a PC running Linux.

That would be brilliant, thank you.

I have installed Open-Wrt onto one TPLink 1043 so ready to give it a try.

I have been monitoring DHCP addresses, snapshotting them on mobile phone and copying them from Ipconfig on laptop.

Currently the connections can range from 5 minutes, 30m, 1 hour and 2 hour max.

On the Laptop I have around 30 CMD prompts open, I do an Ipconfig /all every time I lose connection

some are renewed, as I write this the connection was lost, the IP was changed when the DCHP lease expired an hour ago, I logged in again 50 minutes after it expired and this time it gave me a 30m lease instead of 1 hour. My lost connection (this time) is the failure of signal not DHCP, it has dropped to 2 bars and is extremely slow to load login page. I managed to login and DHCP lease remains the same 30m window I had before.

If I could get a shell script to run every minute on open-wrt that would be brilliant, I could then get some decent use of it. I have no objection to a 4 hour re-login and even a 2 hour would not be terrible. Right now it loses connection always at the worst possible moment.

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