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Standard User stevo13
(newbie) Mon 15-Feb-21 19:03:44
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Broadband Speed Advise

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HI All, Hoping somebody can give me some insight about what internet speed I really need/ can expect.

So, currently I'm on the Vodafone superfast 2 plan (advertised at 63mbps). Over WIFI i typically get speeds of 35-40mbps down and 8-10mbps up, according to the Vodafone app the sync speed I'm getting at the router is 45mbps. I'm currently getting a 15% discount from them as they are unable to meet the minimum guarantee of 55mbps. To be honest the speed I'm getting seems sufficient for my needs, but because of this I'm now free to move providers without penalty so I'm looking at my options to see if I can save a few quid.

When I look on the BT checker it says that I can expect 32-46mbps down and 7 to 12mbps on an impacted line (when Openreach came last year they said that the signal drops under the drive and I didn't fancy having the drive dug up to pursue any further), so looks like what I'm getting is what i can expect.

I've seen a £15 per month plan with Shell 35mbps average and they are estimating 38mbps at my address. Given what I'm getting now, do you think I'm likely to get this speed or notice the difference from what I'm on now..

For info, we're a three person household, we only really use the internet for web browsing, Facebook, YouTube. We also do some streaming on iplayer/ itv hub etc on our smart TV box. It's rare for us to do all that at the same time, we don't do any online gaming or anything like that.

If anyone can advise on what they think, it would be appreciated..
Standard User Michael_Chare
(fountain of knowledge) Mon 15-Feb-21 21:58:36
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Re: Broadband Speed Advise

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You dont say how much you are paying Vodafone now but if your line is only good enough for 45Mbps FTTC then it might well be cheaper to pay for a 38Mbps service which would give you a 40Mbps download speed. The prices of Plusnet, Vodafone and EE tend to be similar as is the service. Shell say they can't supply a service where I have a Plusnet FTTC contract. EE could supply.

Michael Chare
Standard User broadband66
(knowledge is power) Tue 16-Feb-21 12:22:13
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Re: Broadband Speed Advise

[re: stevo13] [link to this post]
Only you can tell us if your current speed meets your needs.

Was Eclipse Home Option 1, VM 2Mb & O2 Standard
Utility Warehouse (up to 16mbps) via Talk Talk, upgraded to fibre 40/10

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Standard User Butch_bex22
(newbie) Tue 16-Feb-21 21:32:30
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Re: Broadband

[re: stevo13] [link to this post]
We've had broadband for 12 months now and we have had service issues from day one ... we've had numerous engineers come to our property and try and resolve the issue but all have failed the start of the issue if the fault wasn't fixed we received £8per day until it was fixed ...when they thought they had fixed it the fault would be closed ... the fault would happen again so another fault would be opened well this has been going on for 12 months now there was a period last summer for a few months our broadband seemed fine but from September 2020 it became terrible...we called in the fault as normal but then we was getting engineers not turn up when they was meant to bt gave us £20 for the no engineer showing up then they would book another to come out and again no engineers turned up and still our Internet would just drop out and unable to use November I think in the space of 2 weeks 5 engineers never came out to us but two of them said they did but we have cctv at our property and I said I can prove they never came and I made a formal complaint regarding them engineers that said they had been here but never heard anything back regarding this.... my husband has had numerous phone calls to bt complaining about this once he was accused of being drunk by a member of staff because he raised his voice obviously its been very thrustraiting and has took its toll on the both of us all we wanted was a stable Internet connection that was promised when we signed up ...we then had a lady called Olivia sted taking over as she was higher up we were told but still nothing has been fixed ...the last conversation my husband had with bt a gentleman who was fairly rude and cocky in our eyes said he was taking over our case and that we wouldn't be receiving any compensation what so ever even though 2 weeks previously Olivia offered us compensation but we wasn't happy with it ... when I explained to the gentleman that at the beginning of our contract we was given £8 per day until the fault was fixed but from September we never received that and when added up was a fair bit of money his whole attitude changed to us we asked for someone else to take our complaint over he refused blatant and said its him or nothing ....we have decided to go with a different provider as how we have been treated during this who contract is absolutely not on and wouldn't wish anyone to go through the same
Remedy Requirements
Letter of apology

Reimbursement of time off of work due to engineers not coming

Reimbursement for stress that this has caused us both
And the mental strain it has caused during the time of covid has been made worse
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