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Standard User zyborg47
(legend) Sun 21-Feb-21 19:18:31
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Water powered internet?

[link to this post]
A video of a cabinet on the other side of the city on Facebook, showed water coming out of a cabinet, it looks like a phone cabinet and not fibre, maybe it has a pump in because that road often floods.


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Standard User witchunt
(fountain of knowledge) Sun 21-Feb-21 20:20:51
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Re: Water powered internet?

[re: zyborg47] [link to this post]
It a flood a prevention kit to seal the DSLAM from water with a small pump inside to keep any ingress to a safe level. Never heard of one in a PCP before. Someone put it in the wrong cab ???

Edited by witchunt (Sun 21-Feb-21 20:34:22)

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