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Standard User don240
(regular) Wed 23-Sep-20 17:54:18
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Setting up IPv6 on a Fritzbox 7530

[link to this post]
I'm using a Fritzbox 7530 in place of my ISP (Hyperoptic) supplied router as the Fritzbox gives far better WiFi range
I can't seem to figure out how to get IPv6 working on the Fritzbox.
The instructions I have from Hyperoptic don't match the instructions I have found online for the Fritzbox:

The Hyperoptic instructions are:

Navigate to WAN interface section of router web GUI
Select dual stack option for WAN interface (IPv4/IPv6)
For address/prefix source select DHCPv6 (not static option)
Enable prefix delegation (PD)
Select SLAAC for IPv6 address creation method

The above options don't relate to anything that I can see in the Fritzbox 7530 menu.
I also have the following settings from Hyperoptic:

IP v6: 2a01:4b00:ee15:2d00::/56
Subnet mask:
Gateway IP:

Where in the Fritzbox GUI do I enter the above?

Any help would be appreciated.
An idiots guide would be perfect.

If you think its bad now, Wait untill after the next election.

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Standard User don240
(regular) Sun 27-Sep-20 09:04:02
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Re: Setting up IPv6 on a Fritzbox 7530

[re: don240] [link to this post]
It took a while but I finally managed to get it working.
In the Fritzbox (Internet, Account Information,IPv6):
I had to:

Uncheck "Use native IPv4 connection"
Check "Use native IPv6 connection"
Uncheck "Automatically negotiate a global address"
Check "Use native IPv6 connection"
In the "Lan Prefix" box, I had to enter the IPv6 prefix "2a01:4b00:ee15:2d00::" (in te 1st box, leaving the "56" in the 2nd box.

I left every other setting at default.

Edit: Looks like i'ts only 1/2 way fixed.
The router is showing as connected to IPv6, but when I try an IPv6 test site it's showing as not connecting.
As I can't reach an IPv6 site from any device, wired or wireless,I'm sure i'ts a network setting that needs changing in the Fritzbox, but am lost as to which setting to change.

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