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Standard User Raginnis
(newbie) Wed 18-Mar-20 17:30:36
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Huawei B315s Using Mobile data when air playing _Help!

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I have a Huawei B315s-22 modem with a Skymobile SIM card. Wirelessly linked I have an LG Smart TV and and iPad. I have found that if I airplay movies from the hard drive of the iPad it uses data from the SIM card account. For example yesterday I air-played two movies from the iPad and afterwards found that 8GB of data had gone?

I thought airplay (screen mirroring) would simply use the wireless network not connecting with the Skymobile network? Is this wrong? Is there a setting I can change to stop the data usage?

Thanks Peter
Standard User buggerlugs
(regular) Wed 18-Mar-20 18:42:19
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Re: Huawei B315s Using Mobile data when air playing _Help!

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You need the video source on your apple phone then it will use TCP over the wifi network, if its on the hard drive for some reason airplay will transport it over the internet and back again to your tv.
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