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Standard User athegn
(committed) Wed 28-Oct-20 22:19:32
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WAP with ethernet pass through

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I have two ethernet devices and several wifi devices (one is 2.4Ghz only the other two are dual band - 2.4Ghz is rather crowded; lots of neighbouring 2.4Ghz show in Wifi Analyzer) in my room.

At present I cover these requirements with a Netgear switch, fed with a Cat 5 cable from my router in another part of the house, which then feeds the two ethernet devices and a TP-Link dual band WAP. Looking to reduces the boxes and wires and free up a power socket.

Ideally I would like one device, form factor like a powerline unit, with an ethernet input, two ethernet outputs and dual band wifi; asking too much in such a small package?

I have found this:-

Is this my best option and value?

Any advice welcomed.
Standard User dogcat
(learned) Fri 11-Dec-20 12:19:21
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Re: WAP with ethernet pass through

[re: athegn] [link to this post]
Best solution would be, if situation suited it, an in wall AP. They all generally have 3 Ethernet outport's but are meant to be built into a wall via a standard single backbox.

Various manufacturers do them, cheapest are Zyxel, Ubiquiti and TP-link, but the TP-link current ones are best avoided as they are limited to 100mbps on the Ethernet ports and really let down their otherwise really great line up. Also D-link do a similar product yet has no external facing Ethernet Outports so is fubar for residential use.

Note In-wall AP's aren't as powerful as normal AP's are really meant to cover a few rooms so unless you live in an apartment one is likely to not give you enough coverage.
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