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Standard User bowdon
(committed) Thu 30-May-19 11:40:35
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Re: Ghost Gamer Broadband

[re: Bryer] [link to this post]
I was just looking at the ghost gamer broadband website. I agree with you it seems to be mostly aimed at adsl and fttc connections, and there is no mention of a 1tb monthly limit from what I can see.

But the website seems a bit tricky to navigate. How can you see what packages ggb are selling without entering your phone number? Usually websites show the packages on full view?

From the terms and conditions I dont see anything about a fair usage policy. Maybe I'm missing the page its on?

PS, just noticed baby_frogmella's reply. 1TB limit in todays age seems very restrictive.

BT Infinity 2 - ECI Cabinet

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Standard User HazDS
(newbie) Tue 23-Jul-19 16:45:23
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Re: Ghost Gamer Broadband

[re: baby_frogmella] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by baby_frogmella:
I think some smaller, lesser known ISPs still haven't caught up with the times as they continue to plaster 'unlimited usage' as not meaning truly unlimited.

Anyway I called up Ghost Gamer this morning (spoke to Kurt), enquiring about pricing, they said they do indeed have a 'soft cap' of 1TB monthly usage on all (ie both their FTTC & FTTP) home broadband services. I was told if this 1TB limit was continually breached then they would ask the customer to reduce his/her usage. Not for me, no thanks frown

Hey guys,

Kurt here, we did used to have a soft cap but due to feedback from the community we can confirm we no longer have any soft caps on any of our products, you can check out our updated terms and conditions on our website.

Many thanks,

Kurt @ Ghost Gamer Broadband

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