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Standard User area51r4
(newbie) Sat 21-Nov-20 00:28:08
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Community Fibre

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Hi see there are a few bits on this provider but none asking or getting the info i was looking for?
What is the Consensus on Community fibre so far?
They have installed they say at our flats run the cables down etc and had the mail then had one on letter box like Woody woodpecker ratta tat tat giving me the speal but was bizzy so got him to jot some bits down on leaflet! 150Mbps £25 a month for 24 months and 400 is £35 likewise.

Did read a few reviews i found one was about multi charging they guy said cleared the others they'd set up then got them saying cutting him off as couldn't cash yet had already taken it.
Others said CS is non existent which sounds like many places 3 and Toytown mobile/one2nowhere was like that.

Loose the landline number if leave Sky not that i ever use it and no sky TV etc either.
Just re did Sky other day so can still cancel £27.50 for 76meg.

So curious on how others think and what plus/negs to them?
One downer is the fact if change/leave or they go bad? is that will have no line to go elsewhere and that used to be at the Mercy of BT Sharks when needing one but that might have changed now with other companies like Sky etc?
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sat 21-Nov-20 13:17:52
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Re: Community Fibre

[re: area51r4] [link to this post]
You don't lose the Sky TV, satellite TV can still be used, and you can even if you want keep the Sky Phone and broadband running and have two services.

Even if your phone line is turned off by you leaving Sky, the physical wiring remains and you just order a service from sky,BT or others that use the old phone wiring.

Every provider always has some negative reviews,

If you are very unsure there are 30 day. rolling contract options, costs a bit more £29.50 for the 150 Mbps service and £50 setup versus £22.50/m (Black Friday Price) and free setup on 24 month contract.

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