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Standard User derby13
(regular) Sun 05-Jul-20 18:42:59
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Speed Guarantee

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Hi, Has anyone any experience with getting money back from Sky under their minimum speed guarantee? They're pretty good at advertising it, but when you actually fall under its criteria, it's a different story. From what I understand, the idea is that you're quoted a minimum speed when you sign up, and if your sync speed is below this for more than 72 hours, you get a free month. Mine clearly was below that speed for at least 2 weeks - it's listed on my Sky account. I rang up and reported it. All it needed was the DLM profile resetting, which an OR guy did remotely. He didn't even need to physically touch my line. But now according to Sky, you only get the money back if they can't fix it, and as they have fixed it I no longer qualify...
Standard User gary333
(committed) Sun 05-Jul-20 20:48:04
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Re: Speed Guarantee

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Never heard of this guarantee before, however after checking the T&C’s you are correct. Ask for a manager when you phone in and get them to read out the T&C’s to you, the penny should drop and they should see sense and refund.

Probably getting confused over the option which allows you to leave your minimum contract if they can’t fix.
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