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Standard User andy9054
(newbie) Sun 25-Aug-19 20:27:13
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BT Ultrafast ( with Asus DSL-ac88u

[link to this post]

I've scoured the net and read various forums to get working with this but I dont seem to be getting anywhere. When i got it out of the box with build 502 firmware it managed to get a DSL connection (said in GUI it was connected and solid dsl light)

I just upgraded the firmware as I wanted to get bridge mode working (didnt really know how either) to firmware v1.10.06 build591 but now it wont get a DSL connection, i tried rolling back to 502 and doesnt work either!

I've tried some recommended approaches of choosing plusnet as the provider in the quick wizard setup and then manually change dsl settings to a in administration but still no joy

Would anyone be able to help?

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