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Standard User rob1980
(newbie) Sun 25-Apr-21 11:23:38
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Trying to troubleshoot connection problem

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So, for the last month or so my internet connection has both dropped in speed and reliability. I have Sky Superfast Broadband. My actual download speed has dropped by almost half (from 9mb/s to 5mb/s), and my internet connection drops out 2/3 times a day. Both problems effect wireless and ethernet. I do not have many devices connected to the network and I am not a heavy user.

I have had two Openreach engineers out who say there is nothing wrong outside the property. A Sky Expert said that there is a fault inside the property but because I am on a rolling contract I cannot have an engineer visit without paying £65 or signing a new contract.

I have done some troubleshooting myself. I have connected the master socket directly to the cable coming into the house, I have also used a micro filter instead of the master socket. Neither has helped. The only internal factor I have not changed is the router.

With the Sky Expert saying there is an internal fault, what else can I try?

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