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Standard User Adrianuk
(learned) Fri 17-May-19 21:53:06
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Issue With Switching Provider

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Hi All,

Hope you can offer some advice.

In late March my dad placed an order to switch his ADSL to TalkTalk (I know, lesson learned) from Sky - this order was due to go live on 12th April.

However, on the 8th April TalkTalk emailed him to say they were cancelling his order as they would be unable to keep his number.

He then placed an order with Now TV Broadband which ended up being rejected as there was still an order on the line - and after taking a look in his Sky account you could see an order for broadband cancellation still due on the 12th April.

The 12th April came and went and nothing has happened to the broadband or phone line, it is still active with Sky. However, the entry for broadband cancellation is still visible in his Sky account and is still dated for the 12th April - and if you do a check using the EE broadband availability checker it too says that there is an order already on the line which is due to complete on the 11th April.

He's spoken to both Sky and TalkTalk - Sky say that TalkTalk need to cancel the order and they can't do anything as the line has been released by them, and TalkTalk insist that they have cancelled the order - we can't seem to get anywhere with either of them.

Does anybody know how we can get this resolved? Should it be TalkTalk or Sky sorting it out at this point? Obviously as an end user my dad can't speak to Openreach directly to try and get it sorted.
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