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Standard User john7
(committed) Fri 13-Nov-20 12:11:19
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Kcom/Eclipes broken undertakings

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After being with Eclipse for well over 10 years I hadn’t realized how poor it had become under Kcom. I had been verbally and in e-mail told I was being regraded to 80/20 then that they don’t provide that which was why they were then capping me. This was after there support had sent Openreach twice to find out why I wasn’t still getting full download speed.
They did at least say the only way to get it was migrate, then I found I could get the same package but with 80/20 on IDNet for £25 less a month.
I was told by two different managers that yes they would arrange for us to keep for no cost access to the old email addresses.
Well the emails were cut yesterday notwithstanding the promises and a refund I was told that would be paid for overcharging last month hasn’t come either.

My, My an email to CEO and sudanly email is back and refund is on its way.

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