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Standard User nemeth782
(committed) Fri 20-Nov-20 14:47:45
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Gigafast ONT

[link to this post]
Can anyone on gigafast give me the model number of the ONT? (the black box the fibre goes in to in the image in this post)

If possible a picture of where the fibre goes in would also be most appreciated.

I'm trying to figure out if the fibre goes into an SFP module like some other installations, and if not, if I can replace the ONT with something like a UFiber Instant GPON SFP ( ) when cityfibre get to my street.

Standard User flilot
(member) Tue 24-Nov-20 14:56:47
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Re: Gigafast ONT

[re: nemeth782] [link to this post]
It's a Calix 801Gv2 GigaPoint ONT. Pictures and description here.

You can't change the ONT yourself, it is activated and registered by the installation engineer to your line; plugging in another ONT yourself will not work.

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