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Standard User northy19
(newbie) Wed 08-May-19 14:09:30
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low speed ISP recommendation?!

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Hi - wonder if you can provide some guidance

i am just coming to the end of a Plusnet contract and going thru and renewal merry-go-round i do every 18mths for a new ISP.

We have fibre to the Cabinet - but thats about 1mile away - so we get around 15-18mb in reality.

The main issues with regard performance really are (i) the length and paucity of the line - none of which is in the hands of the ISP (ie its openreach) (ii) that i live in a old farm house with thick Router penetration and ability to work well with my TP plugs is critical (iii) given the lowish attainable speeds then consistency is paramout ie it only takes a small drop off and multi streaming iplayer to several machines is impossible.

So - i have these key choices:
ISP (router choice) for low speed fibre??

1. Remain on plusnet for 12 mths @ £23 per mth

2. Move to BT via an affilaite that is about £22.66 per mth - im not sure i can get their recent offers as it *seems* these dont apply to their Essentials fibre packages. Is their Hub the best?

3. Move to Vodafone - they are £21 per mth, but also have a min synch they Guarantee of 25mb/sec that i dont think we will ever get that! So that would in reality my 15% off = £17.85.

4. Move to TT for £20 per mth, with affilate Uswitch offer.

So - considerations:

a) i was going to go Voda - as it will be cheapest (esp as i dont think i will ever reach their synch speeds - i cant seem to check my plusnet synch speed on the router?)....but i only hear horror stories. But does the ISP really matter if the MAIN factor i think we have is the length of the [censored] copper line to our i should simply go for the cheapest? However - i also hear bad things about their Router?

b) I would prob go for BT IF i can get the Affiliate offer (the BT order site seems to be broken) as their Hub supposed to be very good?

c) Is the TT hub given to their standard "Unlimited Fibre Broadband" package and is it really any better than the others?

Essentially - looking for advice on who gives the best reliable service for the relatively low speeds we can get... really appreciate any insights!
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Wed 08-May-19 16:20:26
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Re: low speed ISP recommendation?!

[re: northy19] [link to this post]
Vodafone - found their router unstable on a long (around similar speeds) VDSL2 line, solved by putting a bridge modem in front of it, but that means cannot claim via the guarantee as that relies on using their modem.

Finding out which is the best 'hub' for wireless is a case of having them in your home and trying them and as you've already found extenders/access points are needed.

I'd recommend staying with the devil you know if you can get it at £23/m.

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