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Standard User bobrey
(learned) Fri 02-Apr-21 07:35:20
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Change from 32bit to 64bit Win10

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I wish to change my PC from 32bit to 64bit. The hardware is fine and I have can easily reinstall Win10 64bit back again but my problem is how do I go about that without having to individualy reinstall all the ancilary programs . I have several backups NTI EZ, EaseUSTodo as well as Windows own disk image.
Is there any simple way to reload everything from a back up without the operating system ?
Standard User TinyMongomery
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Fri 02-Apr-21 09:34:31
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Re: Change from 32bit to 64bit Win10

[re: bobrey] [link to this post]
When upgrading from 32- to 64-bit Windows you need to reinstall any programs. Data can be transferred via a backup, but not program installations. It's a good thing anyway, as a fresh installation will remove the crud that tends to build up over the years.

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