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Standard User bookey
(fountain of knowledge) Thu 05-Apr-12 12:15:31
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Latency Issues?

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I have a number of lines with Zen, on one rural exchange which is only 20CN I have 3Mbit sync d/s. The latency on the line is all over the place, as high as 700ms even in a idle state.

Service Status is empty
Exchange VP showing as green (via Plusnet User tools)

Any ideas?

ISP Representative Azzaka
(isp) Mon 16-Apr-12 12:45:23
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Re: Latency Issues?

[re: bookey] [link to this post]
G'Day Bookey,

If you haven't already could you call support please and ask them to check the line and to setup a smokeping for your connection.


Leo Goile
ZeN Internet
Technical Support
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